Summer Clean Eating Challenge


Clean Eating is a whole-foods approach to living without dieting.
You’re crowding out the “not-so-good” with more nourishing foods
so you can enjoy your food without feeling deprived or
experiencing the negative consequences of poor food choices.

Challenge starts June 3rd!


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The Summer Clean Eating Challenge is the perfect start for anyone looking to improve their health by eating real foods and a great boost for clean eaters wanting to refocus or find a little more variety! The challenge will provide what you need to be successful:

  1. Eating plans that help you stay full and satisfied
  2. A support group to encourage you (private Facebook group)
  3. A coach (me) to help keep you accountable and answer any questions you have


What’s included?

  • 4 Weekly meal plans, recipes, and shopping list so there’s no guesswork in what to eat.
    • I’ve worked to keep the meal plans realistic and doable, including the use of leftovers, using easy to find ingredients etc.
  • Goal setting guide
  • Intuitive eating guide
  • Meal prep tips and tricks
  • Accountability and support via email or private Facebook group
  • Bonus 15 -25 minute interval style workouts that can be done at home.


Our Summer Clean Eating Challenge will start Monday, June 3rd and run through Sunday, June 30th.

For more info about the Summer Clean Eating Challenge, click here.

Contact Leslie here if you have any questions.


Once you join the Summer Clean Eating Challenge:

  • You will automatically receive (via a link in the email) the intuitive eating handout as well as the goal setting and ‘whys” worksheet that you can fill out and start implementing.
  • Each Wednesday (starting May 29th) you will receive the meal plan with recipes and shopping list for the following week so you will have time to shop and prep as desired.
  • You will be added (unless you prefer not to be) to the private Facebook group where exercise ideas, motivation, and substitute recipes will be shared during the challenge.


If you are traveling during part of the challenge, still feel free to sign up and receive the meal plans and
participate as you are able or save and use the plan on your own!



What others had to say about Grace, Goals, & Guts Challenges:


I enjoyed having a menu for every week and the recipes were great. We ate some food we had never tried and really liked it😋. I will be using these recipes again in the future. — Janet A. 


This challenge was what I needed to bring myself back to Whole Foods and enjoying life again! Before this challenge I found myself depressed, comparing myself to others, being lazy, and all in all just not caring about myself! I needed accountability and knowing that others were going through the same attitudes about themselves as I. Thank you Leslie for the encouragement, accountability, and the care you gave me. I will continue to stay eating right and exercising as I should! Thank you!!!😘  — Sue N.