Nutrition Consulting Option 2


Optimal nutrition is individualized nutrition.


Initial = Nutrition assessment + 6 follow ups

Renewal = 6 follow ups

Fitness Plan = 1 month individualized exercise plan


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We’ll teach you how to listen to your body and help you discover what foods will best help you reach your goals. You’ll work to develop habits that will help you manage, improve, or reverse disease, control cravings, build confidence, and give you peace about how you are nourishing your body.


Feel free to contact us to set up a free consult if you are unsure.


**All packages expire 6 months after purchase date unless previous arrangements are made.



Life changing advice that's easy to follow

*My gastro issues have baffled medical practitioners (including 2 previous nutritionists) for years. Finding Leslie has changed everything. Her advice is "spot on" and easy to follow. The LEAP testing gave me the reassurance needed to know what foods caused issues and what doesn't. Leslie's insights in to recipes and alternatives means that's I'm not guessing at what might work. Her personal training advice has my body in better shape than its been for years and I've lost 15 pounds! In short, don't wait to see her. You'll be happy you did!

Marsha M.


Simply amazing!

*I had test after test to attempt at figuring out my digestive issues, only to come up with a blanket diagnosis that offered no solution. Leslie worked with me and I was back to normal and feeling great in a matter of weeks! She is so easy to work with, makes you feel very comfortable and is really understanding when it comes to the craziness of life! She really works with you to find a solution that can fit within your life, and solutions to heal and not just hide symptoms. She also offers a multitude of other resources that really help you reach your goals! I have already sent multiple people to Leslie and I'll only continue to do so! She's the best!

Kimberly B.




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