8 Foundational Health Habits Challenge



$5/week to build a foundation of habits that can last you a lifetime!


Weekly goal, educational info, & tracking checklist for accountability.


Join our 7 Day Clean Eating Reset along with the 8 Foundational Health Habits for a discounted price! 


Early bird sale through 9/27/19!


Challenge dates: October 7th – December 1st





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Being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it is way more enjoyable and sustainable when it isn’t complicated! If you’re looking for a way to work on building strong, healthy eating habits without putting in much time or energy, join us!


The 8 Foundational Health Habits Challenge is a bit different and more relaxed than most health challenges. It will focus on helping you build 8 habits that I believe are the foundation for your health. While other short term challenges can help you get back on track or jump start your success, without building your foundation of healthy habits, your success will likely not last. 


This is not a quick fix program, nor is it extreme. The 8 Foundational Health Habits Challenge will provide you with one simple challenge each week. Your goal is to tune into your body and be consistent (not perfect) with the challenge each week. Each week you will focus on ONE thing.  Most of the challenges (such as drinking adequate water — which most people don’t do even if they think they are…) are quite simple yet things that 85% or more of my clients need to work on. 


For each weekly challenge you will receive an emailed handout that will provide you with education regarding your challenge as well as tips, tricks, and support material. Tracking checklist for the 8 weeks also provided for accountability! This challenge is also great for families as the challenges can include your kids and helping them understand some of the basics of healthy eating!


Are you ready to play the long game? Slow and steady builds the foundation that provides a lifetime of results!


Challenge runs October 7th – December 1st
(don’t worry about Thanksgiving – challenge that week isn’t focused on any sort of restriction 😉 )


Early bird pricing through Friday, Sept 27th!


We are also running a 7 Day Clean Eating Reset the week of October 20th. Join both for a discount!
(the 7 Day Reset will fit right in with your foundational goal for that week)


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!




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